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Wymondham High Academy

Careers Education, Advice and Guidance

The Academy recognises the essential part careers education, information advice and guidance play in preparing students for future pathways and the responsibilities of adult and working life. With this understanding, it is the intent of the Academy to provide an effective and progressive careers programme  throughout  our students learning experience to enable them to realise their full potential and be inspired to achieve a successful future. This is in keeping with the Academy’s vision statement “to develop happy and successful people who accept responsibility, demonstrate determination and act with humility”. 

Contact: careers@wh-at.net  01953 713178 


Meet the Careers Team:

Miss K Emmerson, Careers and Guidance Lead emmersonk@wh-at.net 

Mrs J Connolly, Administrative Assistant, Careers careers@wh-at.net

Policy statement on provider access for careers advice and guidance  

Careers Entitlement - Our Aims

All students including off site learners are entitled to and will receive impartial and independent careers education advice and guidance which will inform their longer -term career goal –

  •  To help students learn to understand themselves and develop their capabilities.

  • To develop an understanding of the range of opportunities available at each transitional stage (14, 16 and 18) including technical education routes and higher and degree Apprenticeships.

  • To support inclusion, challenge stereotyping and promote equality of opportunities.

  • To enable students to explore careers through employer encounters, online resources, and the careers library resources.

  • To raise students’ self-esteem and confidence which will allow them to realise their true potential.

  • To help students manage their career planning, by giving them the tools which will enable them to make decisions based on interests and abilities and labour market information.

  • To raise aspiration to prevent disengagement from the learning process and students becoming NEET (not in Employment, Education or Training).

  • To provide the opportunity for students to learn about STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Maths) related careers. To have encounters with employers and workplaces related to STEM; to encourage proactive links with curriculum subjects.


Implementing Our Careers Education

  • Careers Education is delivered mainly during timetable sessions in Year 7-11 through Communication and Culture tutorial programme with input from the Careers Leader and tutors at key and appropriate times throughout the year.
  • Careers activities including careers fairs, external speakers, trips, mock interviews, CV workshops, mentoring and guest assemblies are offered to all students as part of the careers programme.
  • All Year 11 students are offered a face to face personal guidance interview mainly in the Autumn to assist with post 16 transition. Parents are also invited to the interviews.
  • Careers information is made available to students via the Careers corner in the library, online resources and with frequent emails sent by Careers Lead promoting /informing students of any exterior opportunities.

Measuring the Impact of our Careers Provision 

Wymondham High Academy Compass Results 

Annual Activity Survey

Labour Market Information

Labour Market Information is a useful tool to help research future jobs in the local area, regional area and nationally. It helps you to understand the following, particularly as you begin to consider future career pathways. 

  • What skills and qualifications you need for specific jobs?

  • How much money you can earn in a particular job?

  • Which job sectors are growing?

  • Which jobs meet more people.

  • What Jobs are in short demand.

  • What jobs have a higher percentage of men or women?

  • Routes taken to qualify for certain careers.


Useful Documents

Wymondham High Academy Careers Provision Policy

Careers Programme years 7 - 11

Book An Appointment With A Careers Advisor 

Careers Fair

Careers Fair 2021


Further information. 

Information for Students

Information for Parents

Information for Staff

Information for Employers



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