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Wymondham High Academy

Sixth Form Attendance & Absence

Our professional working day:

This is not a ‘come and go as you please’ Sixth Form – we are getting you ready to excel in the working world. Therefore – 3 Ps:

Presence: Unless you have Y13 Home Study, you must arrive by 08:30 and stay until 15:00 (or 16:00 if you have period 6).

Proof: If you do not have a lesson period 1 or period 5, you must sign in with Sixth Form Reception.

Planning: If there is an unavoidable reason for an absence, fill in all the relevant forms to let us know in good time - see below.

Students may leave site at break and lunch e.g. to buy food, but must return by the end of break and lunch, even if they don’t have a lesson.

Students may use Wymondham leisure centre for a maximum of 2 free periods each week – sign in and out at Sixth Form reception, and be aware that we check leisure centre attendance: misuse of this privilege will incur significant consequences.

Planned absence

For known absences that require you to miss Sixth Form – like unavoidable medical appointments, university open days / interviews, or apprenticeship interviews – you must complete the Known Absence Form and submit this to Sixth Form reception at least 48 hours in advance.

Unplanned absence

If you are unwell, a parent or carer must phone 01953 713125 or email 6thform@wh-at.net before 08:35 on each and every day of your absence. Please do not contact the high school attendance team.

Emergency absence during the day

If a student is unwell enough to need to leave site during the school day, or if there is some other emergency need to leave, the student must communicate with Sixth Form reception, and must NEVER leave site without a member of staff a) being aware, and b) gaining parent / carer consent for the student to leave during the day.