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Wymondham High Academy


Our Curriculum

It is the curriculum that ‘defines the tone of the school and, in many respects, sets the heartbeat and rhythm of the school.’ (Sam Strickland) 

Our vision: 

Our aim at Wymondham High Academy is to provide an exceptional curriculum for all students; a curriculum which brings out the very best in them and prepares them for success in all areas of life. We want a curriculum that is ambitious and engaging where our students accept responsibility, demonstrate determination and act with humility in all aspects of their lives.

Our subject teachers expertly design and deliver a broad and balanced curriculum, high in challenge and creativity to enable all learners to participate in the full range of experiences. It is underpinned by the firm belief that all students can successfully master the content and skills of each subject in a supportive, focused and aspirational environment.?

Subjects identify knowledge and skills-based links between their disciplines to enable students to make connections that will help them to understand the world around them, their place in it, and equip them with the skills to lead a successful and fulfilling life. We aim to put time into areas that will make the most difference for our students.

The key feaures of the Curriculum at Wymondham High Academy:

  • There is a strong intent and implementation of the curriculum. This results in powerful outcomes for all groups of students.

  • There are high levels of accountability (knowing the reasons behind what is implemented and learned) 

  • There are clear assessment methods to check what students know, can do and understand so learning is successfully sequenced. 

  • Teachers’ subject knowledge is consistently strong across the school taught by subject experts. 

  • All leaders make it their business to check intent, implementation and impact of our curriculum – it is not left to chance. 

  • All leaders ensure that all groups of students can access an inclusive curriculum. 

The curriculum is designed and implemented in such a way that it builds on prior knowledge and prepares pupils for the next stage in their education. This is complimented by our ‘Principals of Teaching and Learning’. This ensures that lessons are engaging and suitably designed to ensure students are able to be supported and challenged in each lesson to allow them to make progress over time.  Development of language and building knowledge are integral to curriculum planning. Curriculum Leaders, who are experts in their subjects, carefully construct a curriculum that promotes a deep understanding of a wide range of topics. Teachers plan learning that allows pupils to embed and recall knowledge through techniques such as interleaving of topics and spaced practice. This builds firm foundations for progression to the next level and exam success.

Curriculum Impact: 

At Wymondham High Academy, our curriculum will: 

  • ensure that the sequence of learning builds on previous knowledge, whilst supporting future progression. 
  • lead to qualifications that are of worth for employers and for entry to further and higher education. 
  • enable all students to fulfil their potential. 
  • meet the needs of students of all abilities. 
  • allow students to acquire an appreciation and respect for their own and other cultures. 
  • prepare students to compete in the global economy. 
  • prepare students to make informed choices at the end of each curriculum phase. 
  • help students develop lively, enquiring minds and the ability to question and argue rationally. 

Why a Knowledge-Rich Curriculum?

  • Knowledge is empowering. 
  • Knowledge unlocks doorsand ensures students from all backgrounds gain cultural capital, which is their entitlement.
  • Knowledge provides the foundation for achievingsuccess, reachingdeeper understanding and being creative
  • The more students know, the more they can learnand connect new knowledge to existing understanding.
  • Our challenge is to identifywhich areas of knowledgeto focus on.

Reviewing our Curriculum Model: 

‘Beyond teaching, ‘the best that’s been thought and said’ we’re trying to give students the knowledge and skills to engage in ‘the conversation of mankind.’ (Tom Sherrington) 

To explore our curriculum fully, we will work with each department, to review the what, when, why and how of the curriculum.  Time is made for conversations focusing on our curriculum. 

We will do this by the following methods: 

  • Enquiries in the classroom 
  • Dialogue with Subject Leaders 
  • Enquiries through student work 
  • Dialogue with subject teachers 
  • Gathering information through student panels 

Our aim will be to gain an overview of the ‘story’ behind each curriculum to ensure it is the very best curriculum offer for our students and meets are the areas of our school curriculum vision. 

Curriculum Update 2021

Curriculum Update 2020

Curriculum Bulletins 

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