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Wymondham High Academy

A Level Geography

Course Information

The A level in Geography is broad ranging and highly relevant - covering contemporary geographical concerns of our time, as well as providing a strong grounding in traditional geographical themes and also enabling students to develop key geographical skills. It ranges, for example, from key geographical debates on the future of global food security, to natural hazards and their impacts, to urban planning, and the operation of the carbon cycle in the Amazon Basin.

Students will study both physical and human geography. The course will give students the opportunity to develop informed opinions on a range of geographical issues, whist being sensitive to a wide range of viewpoints and challenges associated with the issues in question. With climate change and sustainability forming the background to the news on a daily basis, there has never been a more relevant and important time to study Geography at A-level.

Career opportunities

Geography is a highly regarded qualification. Some Geography graduates go on to work in geographical fields, such as coastal management, hydrology, environmental management; as development workers for NGOs, or in town planning. Employers frequently see a qualification in Geography as an advantage in specific careers (e.g. civil engineering, population planning, consultancy work). However, the career opportunities are very wide, as employers value the skills that Geography equip students with, skills such as: research and report writing, communication, project management, analytical skills, problem solving, team work and the ability to work independently. In fact, Geography graduates have one of the best records for finding work after graduating from university.

Entry requirements

Wymondham High prefers students taking the course to have a good GCSE at grade 6 or above in Geography, however, we will consider learners who have completed other GCSEs successfully and would like to re-kindle their passion for Geography by studying it at A-level.