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Wymondham High Academy

A Level French

Course Information

As the language of Europe’s cultural powerhouse, studying French will open up your horizons and help you see the world from a different perspective. It is the language of culture, fashion, cuisine, philosophy and literature. Along with English, it is the only language to be spoken on all five continents and it’s also the official languages of the European Union, the United Nations, NATO and the International Olympic Committee.

The deeper you go into French language, the richer the rewards. You can read great works and listen to songs in the original versions, as well as enjoy the satisfaction of mastering a language structure that helps to develop critical thinking; you’ll discover there’s a reason why many of the great philosophers were and are French.

Career opportunities

A mastery of French provides a competitive advantage on the international job market, opening the door to the world’s fifth biggest economy, as well as to French-speaking countries across the globe. A recent survey, conducted by the CBI in conjunction with Pearson Education, found that 62% of employers felt school leavers lacked sufficient language skills. This makes A-level linguists valuable commodities in a competitive employment market, when you consider 75% of the world population speak no English at all. 80% of English exporters are unable to conduct business in a foreign language and lose business as a result. If you choose to learn one or two languages you give yourself an extra edge.

Entry Requirements

A minimum of a 6 in GCSE French.