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Wymondham High Academy

A Level Film Studies

Course Information

A vibrant course allowing the perfect mix of academic film theory and practical production work. Film Studies is the unique chance to demonstrate creativity in filmmaking alongside an understanding of one of the most popular art forms. Learners will present work on their own online blogs, vlogs and by utilising social and digital media throughout. From Charlie Chaplin to The Hunger Games, from Wes Anderson to Stephen Spielberg, from Cinema to Netflix, Film Studies at A-Level covers it all

In an ever-changing world, with pace, analysis, communication and digital technology at the core, Film Studies covers so many elements.

• To embrace film as both an art form and a medium of communication and to study and enjoy a diverse range of films.

• To engage with film’s broad, cultural and historical heritage and gain an understanding of how meaning has been created through film from the silent era to the present day.

• To explore different film forms, such as short films, experimental films, documentary films, silent films, blockbuster films and contemporary films from the digital era.

• To explore production processes, technologies, marketing and the significance of cinema, online streaming, DVD and other ways of consumption.

• To apply this knowledge to your own imagination and creativity in producing your own production of a short film.

Career opportunities

Higher Education courses and careers relating to the media industry; film television, websites, journalism, print media, marketing and design have all been destinations for ex-students. The skillsets developed in Film Studies are ones that are used regularly in vast areas of potential further study, as well as career choices for young people. These include the fast-pace of the course, blogging and use of social media, organisation, teamwork, deadlines and the use of digital technology. In an ever-changing world, with pace, analysis, communication and digital technology at the core, Film Studies covers so many elements. 

Entry requirements

Whilst there are no specific entry requirements for Film Studies, learners should have an interest in the film industry, enjoying watching films and want to develop an understanding of filmmaking, film history and film language. Students do not have to have taken GCSE film studies to take the A Level course. The expectation that learners will proactively engage in viewing live professional theatre outside of the classroom.