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What is life in the sixth form like?

“Starting anything new can be a very daunting and intimidating experience. Even though I came from Wymondham High originally, I was certainly both excited and very nervous about starting something that had become such a big deal in my head. First things first though, no matter which school you came from, the first day is not as scary or as exclusive as you may think: everybody mixes straight away, and talks to everyone else just as you’d hope they would.

The environment is very welcoming, and although the teachers often start off by telling you how hard they expect you to work, and how stressful the year can be, they are all surprisingly easy to talk to, and supportive of you throughout the whole year. The teachers are very open to giving you their time if you need it and have certainly helped me a lot this year.

As the first day fades into the past, the more important aspects of the Sixth Form shine through. The atmosphere of working hard and using your time at Sixth Form to do the best you possibly can becomes very obvious. This helps to give the impressive record of academic progress and achievement that we currently have here.

All of the hard work isn’t put solely on your shoulders though. The quality of the teaching here stands Wymondham far above many other equivalents, and I can personally vouch for the standard of lessons that we are given to help us obtain the grades and the futures we want.

Obviously, a big part of the Sixth Form experience, is the fact that a year of UCAS applications and university places looms over us for the majority of the time that we spend here. This could be a stressful time, but the opportunities that Wymondham provide make the preparation for personal statements much easier. In the committee structure that Year 12s undergo, we are provided with opportunities to develop our interests, including the possibility to become involved in The Young Enterprise programme, which is both interesting and provides some real world insight In something that is often a closed door to students. Similarly, the encouragement of Community Service allows us to become involved in the community far more than we would without it: which is a real positive. Furthermore, the Sixth Form also now provides many opportunities for leadership, the Prefect structure and ‘Sixth Form Leader’ roles allow the development of your skills and make you stand out as an individual in the crowd.

I have really enjoyed my time at this Sixth Form: not only because of the opportunities it provides and the doors that it opens, but also because of the amazing atmosphere that it has, both in terms of its ethos and in the relationships that form so easily here. I wouldn’t choose anywhere else!”

Former Wymondham High Sixth Form Student.


How to apply 

Applications can be made on Norfolk’s Help You Choose platform or via Applicaa using the link https://wymondhamhigh.applicaa.com/year12       

How do I apply for Bursary 

  • 2023 Bursary Policy

    You could be eligible for a bursary fund to support you to buy things like clothing, books and equipment for your course as well as transport and lunch. Please see forms below for further information. 

Where do I go in the morning on arrival? 


You will arrive via our South entrance, here you will be welcomed with a smile by our sixth form support officers Mrs Pike and Miss Traynor. You will register in your tutor room at the beginning of every day. 

How do I learn about key information about the sixth form?


Every student will be given a student handbook which outlines key information to inform them about the sixth form team, daily routines, attendance and opportunities beyond the classroom.

Where can I study whilst in sixth form? 


You will have many places to study at WHA Sixth Form. Every student will be e-mailed a free classroom list and students will be able to use these classrooms for independent study. Sixth Form students have exclusive use of the CLC which has its own computer suite and study pods. Students also have use of an extensive library and an outside study area overlooking the pond. There are also quiet areas to study such as outside the Sixth Form Café.  

Where can I get snacks and lunch? 


The Sixth Form café opens at 10am every day and remains open for lunch. Students also like to leave site for lunch.    

Are there leadership opportunities? 


At Wymondham High Academy Sixth Form you can interview for many different leadership opportunities including applying to become Head Student and interviewing for the position of Senior Prefect at the end of Year 12. Elections also run for other Leadership positions available to both Year 12 and 13 students, these run in the first term. The Student Leadership Team is pivotal to the running of the Sixth Form and school.  

Student Leadership Policy 23-24.pdf

What Enrichment Activities can I take part in? 


Every student is encouraged to take part in Games, running P5 on A Wednesday. Students can take part in football, netball, table tennis, rugby, yoga or gym activities in the leisure center. If students would rather, they can take part in a BSL course. 

Year 12 students also take part in the Community Champions programme where they carryout volunteering inside and outside the school. All our Year 12 students also take part in Societies which are student led and range from the Medics Society to the School of Sanctuary. 

Students can also take the Extended Project Qualification, The Duke of Edinburgh Award and many other opportunities.  

Society Student Choice Form v2.pdf

Can I change my subject choices during Sixth Form?


Students can change their subject choices within the first 3 weeks of term. We endeavour to give the very best subject and career advice before you embark on your studies to ensure you are taking the right courses. You will also be able to trial the subjects you are considering taking during our SteppingUp event open to all Year 11 students held on Wed the 22nd of Nov 3.30-5pm.  

How will I know I am doing ok in my studies?


Every student will receive multiple levels of support from their tutor, subject teachers and the Sixth Form Team including their Head of Year and the Director of Sixth Form. Everyone involved in supporting you will have knowledge of your progress and will continue to track this throughout the year to ensure you are doing well in your studies. You will gain feedback on your progress in tutor time, during your lessons, at parents evening and in your progress reports which will be sent home at key points in the year. If you need more support, you will be offered 1-1 mentoring sessions from your tutors and supervised study sessions from your Sixth Form Support Officer, Mrs Pike. Subject teachers will also ensure you are supported through individualised support plans. You will be well supported throughout the year to keep you on track with your learning and our pastoral support is very strong, we have our own Wellbeing Support Officer Mrs Lambert and our careers advisor Miss Emmerson on site at all times