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Wymondham High Academy

Performing Arts - Drama

Our Drama curriculum encourages students to experiment and take risks as well as developing a sense of creativity and ownership of ideas. Students are encouraged to work independently and as part of a team, whilst they explore different performance styles and practitioners which feed into much of their practical work. We explore the interrelated arts of acting, directing, designing, devising and critiquing. Our students study the history, forms, genres, practitioners, writers and theorists who have had a major impact on the art form. We pride ourselves on our students creating thought-provoking pieces of theatre, which challenge and raise issues within contemporary society. From this, we promote students to become both critical and reflective thinkers who can articulate themselves confidently.

Drama provides opportunities for students to develop the vital life skills of communication, collaboration, creative thinking, commitment and independence. Drama allows students to develop the emotional intelligence necessary to ensure they become happy and successful people who accept responsibility, demonstrate determination and act with humility.  


Longterm Curriculum Plan - Core - Drama

Longterm Curriculum Plan - Focussed - Drama 


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