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Wymondham High Academy

Meet Our Team

Sixth Form Team (ID 1252)


Miss Masson - Director of Sixth Form massona@wh-at.net

Mr Mulcahy - Head of Year 12 mulcahyc@wh-at.net 

Mrs Harvey - Head of Year 13 harveyr@wh-at.net 

Mr Cole - Head of Year 12 and 13 and Community Outreach colem@wh-at.net 

Mrs Pike - Sixth Form Officer pikes@wh-at.net  

Mrs Traynor - Sixth Form Officer traynore@wh-at.net 

Miss Lambert - Sixth Form Wellbeing Officer lamberth@wh-at.net

Miss Emmerson - Careers & Guidance Lead emmersonk@wh-at.net