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Wymondham High Academy

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

Extended Projects offer an opportunity to really explore the subjects you find the most inspiring.

The outcomes can range from the classic written dissertation through web pages, applications, artistic works and technical designs to performance art. There is no limit to what you can cover and you will be guided in developing the skills necessary to work independently to see a project through from initial ideas to final appraisal. Skills that will be valuable in both higher education and employment. Your EPQ is graded like any other qualification with an A*-E range. An EPQ is almost equivalent to an AS-level but is worth more UCAS points. EPQ is increasingly encouraged by Universities with many taking it into account when making their offers. An EPQ provides fantastic material for discussion at interview and inclusion in personal statements and letters of application. The course includes a taught element but the majority of work is done independently and in consultation with your mentor/mentors.

Career opportunities

Widely regarded as excellent training for undergraduate study the skills you acquire are just as valuable in the workplace and in developing your own projects. You have the opportunity to demonstrate your passion and ability in an area of your choice whilst being guided in developing the skills that allow you to make effective use of your time and energy. An EPQ gives you more to say at interviews, may reduce the grades requested for your degree course and can provide additional UCAS points.

Whatever your career path or academic interests EPQ provides a stepping stone into the world beyond A-level study.

Entry requirements

There are no prior expectations for this course although it is expected that your project topic will relate to the other disciplines you are studying or to your intended career path.