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Wymondham High Academy

A Level Computer Science

We have a strong set of computer science teachers and the aim of this course is to encourage and support students to become independent programmers who have the skills to understand computing problems and code appropriate solutions.

Course Information 

Computer Science

Programming is an essential part of the course. Programming and computational thinking skills are assessed in one of the exams where students have to understand and write pseudo code and algorithms to solve a range of problems.

Students also complete a large practical project (worth 20% of the marks) in a language of their choice (e.g. Python, C#, Unity etc.). Many students create complex computer games whilst others design a system for a local business they know.

The course also covers computing theory such as systems architecture, software development, exchanging data and a large section on the computational maths that lies behind computing systems e.g. Boolean algebra.

Career opportunities

In today’s workplace, those with knowledge and skills in computing have the opportunity to pursue new, exciting and lucrative careers developing the computer systems that increasingly shape the way we work, live and play. These include careers such as computer programmer, games developer, graphic designer, network administrator, software developer, system analyst and web designer.

Entry requirements

You will need a 6 or higher in Computer Science at GCSE, if you have not studied the subject at GCSE you must have experience of programming to a high standard as a hobby.

Longterm Curiculum Learning Plan - Computer Science