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Wymondham High Academy

A level Law

Course Information

The law and rules of law are vast and ever changing. Law is an exciting and dynamic subject that governs every aspect of our lives.

This engaging course has been designed to inspire, nurture and develop a deep understanding of our current legal system. This qualification is designed to develop knowledge and skills for the further study of law and related subjects such as Business, History and Politics. You will develop your knowledge of the law in England, and an awareness of law in a European and global context. The course will enable you to learn and understand the changing nature of law and the interaction between law, morals, justice, society and technology.


We teach the following OCR A level topics:

Criminal Law
Including murder, manslaughter, non-fatal offences, theft, burglary and defences including duress and insanity

Including negligence and vicarious liability

Human Rights
The right to a fair trial, privacy, to assemble and rights of free speech

The legal system, law making and the Nature of Law
How are laws made? How much power do judges have? How does a trial work? What are the aims of sentencing criminals? Are there flaws in our current jury system? Is it the function of law to impose morality?

The course is assessed by three, two hour examinations at the end of the two year course.

Enrichment opportunities:

We aim to visit the Magistrate’s Court in Norwich to watch a variety of trials and also aim to look at the more serious cases in Norwich Crown Court.

Where can this lead me?

Law is a respected and highly valued A Level by many universities and employers for its academic rigour. As well as the legal profession, Law A level can lead to work in the legal departments of local government, work in large companies, journalism, teaching, the Civil Service and much more.