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Wymondham High Academy

A Level Business Studies

This is an ideal course for those wishing to follow a career in business, looking at all the facets and skills you need to understand the dynamics of how organisations function to meet their business objectives.

Course Information

Business Studies

It will encourage you to develop a critical understanding of business organisations and how they operate. You will not only study businesses which operate locally and nationally, but also in European and global markets. Business behaviour is viewed from a variety of perspectives including the customer, manager, creditor, owner/ shareholder and the employee.

Career opportunities

Students with degrees in Business Studies can go on to the following types of career or start their own businesses: accountant; advertising executive; bank/building society manager; marketing executive; human resource manager and retail manager. In fact every organisation needs business minded individuals who are good managers.

Entry requirements

Wymondham High prefers students taking this course to have a genuine interest in the world of business with GCSE English and Maths at grade 5 or above. Good literacy and numeracy skills will be needed throughout. Although it may be a slight advantage to have studied GCSE Business Studies, it is not a requirement. The majority of students begin at A-level.


Longterm Curriculum Plan - Business Studies