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Wymondham High Academy

History (including Classics)

History is our story. It tells us who we are and who we want to be. History teaches us to judge wisely and communicate confidently so we can change the world for the better 

Key Subject Skills 

Year 7 How to write an essay  

How to argue convincingly on paper P.E.E (Point, Evidence, Explain) 

Year 8 How to analyse sources  

What is a source? What is an interpretation? What is meant by the words useful, convincing, value and reliable? How do you spot ‘fake news’? What is propaganda? 


Year 7: 

  • War
  • Power 
  • Religion 
  • Society 
  • Right 

Year 8: 

  • War and Conflict 
  • Power and Politics 
  • Religion and Ideology 
  • Society and Class 
  • Rights and Equality 

Key Life Skills   

Why study History?  How does studying History prepare students for their future lives? 

How to… Analyse, evaluate and Judge wisely Communicate confidently Research independently 

Debate and Discuss Argue Convincingly on paper Recall, retain and revise key information 


Longterm Curriculum Plan - Core - Year 7-8 - History

Longterm Curriculum Plan - Focused - Year 9-11 - History

Longterm Curriculm Plan - Focused - Year 9-11 - Classics

History Project  

History Project