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Wymondham High Academy

A Level Sociology

Course Information

Sociology offers students the opportunity to study an academic and thought-provoking A Level that considers how society shapes the behaviours of individuals. Sociologists seek to identify patterns and relationships between different parts of society and look to establish meaning through the study of evidence. In A Level Sociology we challenge “common sense” assumptions made about the society we live in. Some major themes that run throughout the course include the study of power, social class, gender, ethnicity, culture and inequality.

“I look forward to every lesson and enjoy each topic we study, because it is so relevant to the society we live in. It is helping me understand the world around me”

In year 12, we study 3 topic areas; Culture and Identity, Education, and Sociological Research Methods. In year 13, students go on to study Beliefs in Society, Crime and Deviance, and Sociological Theory and Research Methods. You will learn a number of skills including the use of evidence to support your arguments, how to investigate ‘facts’, and critical thinking. We aim to run trips each year to help bring the subject to life.

Career opportunities

“I wanted a subject which would allow me some freedom and give me a broad range of careers options” Studying Sociology can lead to a variety of careers, including: Social work, Human resources, Advertising, Policing/Criminology, Marketing, Journalism, Law, Teaching

Entry requirements

Two thirds of the course is examined by essay writing so a 5 or above in English language is preferred. It is not necessary to have studied Sociology at GCSE level.

Longterm Curriculum Learning Plan - Sociology