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Welcome! We are the Wymondham High School Reporters!


Hi, we're the Wymondham High Academy BBC School Report Team for 2016! Follow us on twitter @WyHighReporters. Check back here after 1600hrs on 10th of March to see our report!

See you then!



It’s now 12:40, and everything has been recorded. Now it’s up to Sammi and Giles to do the editing.

It’s been an amazing day so far and everyone in the studio is very excited. We can’t wait for the fNews Day 2016! 

By Sophie and Senna

Today is 10th March 2016 and its news day! All the school reporters are busy at work finishing of their reports with a day full of fun. From the weather to an anonymous letter found in our head teacher’s office, we are bringing to you Wymondham High Academy’s BBC School Report. 

At the beginning of the day, the pupils of Wymondham High Academy arrived at school at 8:35 raring to go. After registration, all the students involved rushed to the news room where they discovered that the room had been transformed into a filming studio. There was a green screen, a meeting table and the best part of all…DOUGHNUTS! 

Munching and making a mess, the school report team were introduced to their jobs for the day. Sophie W, Niamh, Natalie, Maryam and Senna were journalists. Sammi and Giles were editors and part of the camera crew. Sophie and Sophie F were weather reporters! Last but not least Gemma and Lucy were the presenters. 

Pleased with their positions, Lucy, Gemma, Sammi, Giles, Sophie and Sophie F settled down to begin writing their scripts. After receiving an urgent message from Mr Boulton, their principal, Sophie W, Senna, Maryam, Natalie and Niamh set off on a mission to figure what was so important.

When the journalists opened the letter, they discovered a maths equation reading:

(5!/12+24) x 0.5m = 17m 

After a long search, these reporters found their prize!!! Meanwhile, in the studio, the others had written up their scripts and were preparing to film them. Sophie and Sophie F went first with the weather. This was followed closely by Lucy and Gemma doing the intros and outros of the reports.

During this time, everyone was typing up their stories that they had researched and reported on so that they can be used on the BBC School Report website. 

It’s now 12:40, and everything has been recorded. Now it’s up to Sammi and Giles to do the editing.

It’s been an amazing day so far and everyone in the studio is very excited. We can’t wait for the finished result!




BREAKING NEWS: Mystery Letter


 By Maryam 

   On news day the journalists (Maryam, Senna, Sophie W, Natalie and Niamh) were urgently informed that they had to go to Mr Boulton's office. Surprised they rushed to the office to see what was wrong. They arrived at the office to see that Mr Boulton was not there. Luckily his assistant was and she gave the journalists a letter addressed to them. They opened it with great curiosity and were shocked when it was only a maths equation! Off they went to find Mr Boulton and question him about the strange letter.

   When they found Mr Boulton and questioned him, he said he was given the note by Mr Hunt who had found it in his office while putting up a clock. Off they went again this time in search of Mr Hunt. They found him in the front of the school mowing the lawn. When he was questioned, he said that he found the letter in Mr Boulton’s office when putting up shelves! The journalists were really puzzled by that because Mr Boulton said that it was a clock being put up not shelves but they questioned Mr Hunt no more. They decided to work out the equation themselves then work from there.

   In the maths class the journalists worked out the answer to the equation which was 17m.

(5! /12) x 0.5m =17m. After a while thy thought maybe it was M17 which was a classroom in school. They rushed straight to the classroom but found it empty. They decided to search it and the came across a note saying ‘Fletch, Your treasure thanks x’ underneath it was some Haribos. The journalists went back to the studio and reported back to the team. They all happily enjoyed the sweets.


Kidzania Mania!

As part of our media topic, our English class visited Kidzania, Westfield. It was an amazing, unforgettable experience with lots of exciting jobs to try out, such as being a fire fighter, a fashion designer and lots more. 

One of our favourite activities was Capital Radio Station, where kids got to use real mics and headphones. We also read scripts and played music. It felt like we were in the real studios! 

Another favourite, that all our class enjoyed, was GBK (gourmet burger kitchen) where you can make your own burger and choose the sauce you want. A student, from Wymondham High Academy, Senna told us that she liked all the choice of burgers and fillings.

Kidzania is an educational city just for kids. It was amazing, and we all loved it!

By Sophie and Gemma 


UEA Uncovered!


By Natalie and Niamh

On Wednesday, 2nd March 2016, we, Natalie and Niamh, from the BBC school report team at Wymondham High Academy, visited the UEA to showcase the dream jobs of children. We were given a tour by Cameron and Margot, who are Student Ambassadors at the university. 

As the weather was bad, they showed us some of their usual haunts. We got to know them a bit better over tea and cake, enjoyed in the Sainsbury centre and then we asked them a few questions about their choices to go to university. We also asked Alison Naylor, the Outreach Officer at the UEA, some questions about her job. It was all extremely positive feedback that we received from our interviewees. 

We learned some interesting facts on our trip, about the sports centre and regular quidditch matches. The swimming pool is thought by many to be Olympic size, and was when it was first built, however, now that it has been tiled, it is slightly smaller than Olympic size! The UEA has its very own quidditch team, which trains regularly and compete in matches against other universities. It’s just like going to Hogwarts! 

When we re-visited KidZania, we tried out the university job and managed to attain a degree in medicine, in under half an hour! We were given a lecture and both passed our exams, theory and practical. These experiences made us realize that going to university is definitely an opportunity that would benefit us in later life. University seems like a really enjoyable experience among its academic features. 



Caring for residents at Kett's Court 

By Maryam and Senna

In December 2015, students from Wymondham High Academy had the chance to visit the local care home, Robert Kett Court. Maryam and Senna watched the John Lewis Christmas advert, all about age concern, and were inspired to show their enthusiasm by meeting the elderly near Christmas time at Robert Kett Court.

These Year 7 pupils met some of the elderly residents there including Betty and Sue. These individuals were extremely helpful in showing the children around and engaged in an interesting conversation. The students also talked to the manager of this care home, who was very obliging. She explained that having young visitors was a regular happening and talking to these youthful children made all the residents much happier as they greatly enjoyed these visits.

Assisting these pupils were around five Year 8 students, who brought freshly baked mince pies and letters they had written to wish the elderly a very merry Christmas. The residents were extremely pleased at their kindnesses and enjoyed their baking. 

After a very pleasurable time, the students left with their teachers and many happy memories. They had had a great time and so had the residents of the local care home. Celebrated with laughter and cheerfulness, this day was a great success!  


Going Live In 3 2 1!

 by Sophie, Gemma and Sophie

As part of our school report topic, children’s dream jobs, we visited BBC Radio Norfolk to interview the radio editor, Peter Cook. It was an amazing experience, learning all about the lives of radio editors and what their jobs involves. On a tour around the BBC studio, we saw where they film Look East, and all the recording studios. It was an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

When interviewing Peter Cook, we learnt about his most memorable experience, how long he has worked with BBC, the most famous person he has met, and his dream job as a child, etc. The interview inspired us to become a radio editor, because it looks like a really exciting job!

We enjoyed the experience and learnt a lot.

Thank you Peter Cook!




Our Visit to Norfolk Police Headquarters

By Sammi and Sophie

On Wednesday 13th January 2016, Sophie and I went to the Norfolk Constabulary in Wymondham. We spoke to P.C Glenn Hambling and Inspector Louis Provard about what their job entails and what they do, as well as the qualifications you need to gain this title. They answered our questions with very helpful and interesting responses.              


When we first arrived at the station, Inspector Provard took us over to the response cars, near the firearms department. He then talked to us about what being a Policeman is like, as well as the qualifications required. Standing by his side was P.C Hambling, who was also answering the same type of questions.

After the questions were asked and answered, the two men showed us one of the ARVs (Armed Response Vehicle), which was choc-a-bloc full with first aid kits, traffic cones, little Policeman dolls, guns and what looked like a million more things. One of the officers showed us an Assault Rifle, with a loaded magazine (The magazine was not in the gun).

Just before we left, we went inside the station to try on some of the gear. We tried ballistic vests and helmets, as well as special earphones that block out gunshots, but will let you hear your colleagues talking. It was so cool. What was also cool was that Mrs Gibling and Mr Cole joined in.  They put on a ballistic vest and helmet.

When the interview had finished and we asked all our questions, Inspector Provard (A.K.A Lou) showed us around the station. It was very interesting because they have a mini museum near the entrance, with old handcuffs, guns, batons, swords and a whole lot more.

We had an amazing time at the station, and hope to do more School Report work there.


 ** REVEALED ** Our BBC School Report Bulletin 2015

On 19th March 2015 we will take part in BBC News School Report Day.  This means we will be making the news and publishing our report by 1600 GMT.  Please save this page as a favourite so that you can follow our stories!

At the moment we are very busy compiling our reports, but watch this space because we have some exciting news to share with you very soon!


Our BBC School Reporters with BBC Political Correspondant, Andrew Sinclair


Our day as

BBC School Reporters!

by Izzy and Charlie

Today, the Wymondham High Academy School Reporters had the day off timetable so that we could finish off our news reports and (most interestingly) film ourown news bulletin! We all had our own jobs to do as there are many different roles within a news team.


Charlie and Rohan were presenters, Emily and Daisy were reporters, Izzy and Ellie were weather-girls. Toby was the cameraman and Tobias was our soundman. Alfie was the producer and Rosie was the director, and finally Taylor was the editor of our news report.


All of us played a big part in making the news and it was great fun using all the equipment provided by Mr. Cole and Henry in Year 13.  The green screen, microphones and other cool pieces of equipment were awesome, but it was really nerve-racking having to get it right when the camera was rolling. Henry’s production company, Sundown Productions, helped us produce our bulletin and he guided us through all the different parts of the production. It was really fun doing something completely new - writing, filming and editing and meeting the deadline of 1600hours. It was quite a challenge! It was great and we all learnt loads - a day never to forget, and it was an amazing opportunity!


Fancy finishing school early? We do!

by Emily and Ellie


Most students finish school at around 3pm.  At Wymondham HighAcademy, things are different - our time table is 8:35am-3:00pmevery day apart from Tuesdays when we finish early, at 2:10pm! Although this is an unusual idea, it has been very effective so far.After school has ended, there are a series of clubs that are provided for studentswho want toattend, or can’t be picked up at the earlier time. Some of these clubs aretennis,badminton, archery, first aid, I.T but there are alot more.


Mr Boulton, ourPrincipal, saidThis will benefit students and teachers because it gives teacher a lot more training throughout the year.” Mr Boulton got this idea from three schools in Northumberland. He loved their idea and theseschools have since become outstanding.

For some students, it has been difficult to adjust to the lessons beginning and ending at different times. But this change has mainly been for students above year 7, as they came before the change was made and had before stayed at school for the normal time on Tuesdays. 

Mr Bolton, when asked to reflect on the change, said “I wish I’d done itsooner”, and is obviously happy with the decision he made.  The main reason for the change in timetable is so that members of staff can discuss their teaching methods. Throughout the weekthey video some of their lessons so that they can use the footage to improve the teaching and learning at our school.  

With this positive feedback from staff and students alike (we love going home early!), things should be like this for a long time!



2 days until News Day and our BBC School Reporters have been busy arranging and conducting interviews for our news stories!  The manager at Waitrose who took Toby's call said that he was very professional and there's a job waiting for him if he ever wants one!


BBC School Reporters get ready for News Day 2015!

By Daisy, Taylor, Isabel and Toby.


 On Wednesday 11th March, four members of the BBC School Report Team at WyHigh went to various locations in Wymondham collecting material for their news reports.  The students arranged all the interviews themselves, negotiating times and topics for interview. They did a fantastic job and showed themselves to be competent journalists and excellent ambassadors for the school.

 We started off in Mr. Bolton's office planning what questions we were going to ask. It was a bit nerve-wracking being in the Principal’s Office and we hope the next time we are in there, it will be for an equally exciting reason! 

The companies we chose to interview were EACH ,Waitrose, Morrison's and the Wymondham Leisure Centre.  We wanted to know more about EACH’s ‘Nook’ fundraising initiative, the impact that the new Morrison’s supermarket has had in Wymondham and the plans for the extension of the leisure centre. 

We asked lots of questions and found out some interesting things during our interviews.  It was really good fun and we were given some cupcakes and cookies following our interviews at Waitrose and Morrisons.  We felt really motivated to support EACH with some school-based fundraising and we plan to ‘Cook for the Nook’ very soon. 

We were really interested in learning about what new rooms there would be at the leisure centre and when they hope to finish the building work – hopefully it won’t be too long before we can enjoy all the new facilities!  The representatives from South Norfolk Council showed us a clip of what the new building would look like and we can tell you that it looks awesome!  You heard it here first!  Make sure you go and see for yourselves in the coming months.

We are really looking forward to News Day when you will get to see our filmed news reports!  Watch this space…








    ‘Hacktivists’ – A truly dazzling WyHigh performance!


On Thursday 5th March, 2015 the WyHigh BBC  School Report Team went to see the Drama Department's production of 'Hacktivists'. This play was written for young people as part of the National Theatre Connections Festival. The students in the cast ranged from year 8 to year 13.   This production was performed for three nights in school and will be preformed at The Garage, Norwich on the 1st May, 2015.  

When we went to see the play it was the second night of the run we all though it was really great. Although we expected it to be good, we were blown away with how professional the cast were – especially since one of the actors told us he had stepped in at the last minute! Impressive! There were so many aspects of the production that were effective. The use of lighting and mini LED lights was really cool and linked the scenes together in a new and exciting way.   These ‘throwies’ as the cast refer to them, were used in synchronisation and told their own story which complimented the action onstage.  We were left feeling in awe of how much had been achieved by the cast and entertained by their ‘nerdy’ characters.  We wanted to know what happened next as the ending was very tense and we all had different ideas about what the outcome might have been for these characters.  A great performance from a really talented cast.  Congratulations to all involved and thank you for the Q&A which followed Thursday night’s performance!


BBC School Reporters attend EACH event with HRH Duchess of Cambridge


By Emily and Taylor

On Tuesday 25th November, two members of our BBC School Report team attended a charity launch held by East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices.  They had been informed that the charity’s patron, HRH Duchess of Cambridge, would be there to show her support to such a worthy cause.

When we arrived, we were served iced cordials and delicious pastries and were shown to our table.  The president of the Broadland Rotary Club was sitting between us and we managed to get some early interviews about the Rotary’s involvement with the charity.

After much anticipation, the duchess arrived and we saw her walk through the door in a stunning red dress, everyone stood up to show respect to the royal guest. Her Royal Highness was seated a few tables from us as the EACH chairman launched the campaign.

 After this there was an incredibly moving speech from Leigh Smith, a mother who had been supported by EACH. Distraught, she explained that EACH supported her and her child and how they continued with that support after the young child’s death.  When the duchess left the room; everyone was touched to see her seek out Mrs. Smith to acknowledge her bravery.

Following the speeches, the canapés started arriving – and they didn’t stop! Waiters were serving prawn blinis, sausage and yorkshire pudding, vol-au-vents… we even had a shot of blue cheese and chorizo soup! When we thought we’d had enough, divine desserts started to arrive: chocolate ganache in a wafer cone and white chocolate and orange mousse on shortbread.  Our favourite was the profiteroles and dipping chocolate; it was marvellous!

BBC School Reporters, Emily and Taylor, interview BBC News Reporter, Suzie Fowler-Watt