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Wymondham High Academy

Performing Arts - Drama

Drama allows students to examine what it is to be human in all its variety: politically, socially, philosophically, physically and poetically.  At Wymondham High, our knowledge rich Drama curriculum places an unashamed focus on the study of live theatre and through our core curriculum (and beyond) we explore the interrelated arts of acting, directing, designing, devising and critiquing. Our students study the history, forms, genres, practitioners, writers and theorists who have had a major impact on the art form. As with Music, the Performing Arts team view Drama as a demanding academic discipline, explored through exciting practical work.  

Our core curriculum is structured unashamedly around the study of a diverse selection of theatrical works, theatre practitioners and styles all of which each present ever-increasing levels of challenge.  What our Drama curriculum isn’t, is a ’tour’ of social themes. At its weakest, Drama education loses sight of being studied as an intrinsic art form in its own right and whilst our students do indeed explore key issues (i.e. gender, sexuality, racism, substance misuse, etc.) this learning comes about through engaging in the study of a script, practitioner or genre. At all times, our Drama curriculum aims to be firmly rooted to the study of theatrical knowledge and skills.  

We also recognise that there is ‘more to drama than Drama’ in that the subject provides fertile opportunity for students to develop the vital life skills of communication, collaboration, creative thinking, commitment and independence. Drama is a platform for not only personal, academic and social development, but providing students with vital life skills that can be taken out into a wider context. It is vitally important that students can understand and empathise from the perspective of other people’s feelings and situations. As this will help the formation of positive relationships and provide an understanding of the world in which they live. Drama aims to provide all students with the emotional intelligence necessary to ensure they become positive contributors to our society. The Department’s varied and engaging curriculum allows all students to build their self-confidence and knowledge as well as develop their speaking and listening skills, benefitting students in whatever choices they make.  

We encourage students to experiment and take risks as well as developing a sense of ownership thereby becoming independent learners. Students are encouraged to work independently, and as part of a team, whilst they explore different performance styles and practitioners which feeds into much of their practical work. We pride ourselves on our students creating thought-provoking pieces of theatre, which challenge and raise issues within contemporary society. From this, we promote students to become both critical and reflective thinkers who can articulate themselves confidently. 

Longterm Curriculum Plan - Core - Drama

Longterm Curriculum Plan - Focussed - Drama 


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