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Wymondham High Academy

Parent's Forum

The Parent's Forum consists of parents who meet with the Vice Principal termly (virtually during Covid) to discuss many aspects of the school and school life for our pupils. The agenda for each meeting consists of a variety of issues and purposes. Sometimes, these will be issues our parents wish to raise that may reflect the opinions of the local and school community, so we can work together on resolving these. On other occasions, the school will seek the opinion from the Parent Forum on ideas and suggestions before they are shared with the wider community, so that when we do, we have already heard from representatives of our parents at the school. Both approaches seek to work together to listen to our stakeholders so that we can continually improve what we do for our pupils. We have formed an honest and trusting relationship with our Parent Forum group and their feedback and suggestions since starting the group has been invaluable. The group is open to anyone who wishes to join, so if you do wish to contribute, please email [email protected]