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Wymondham High Academy

Year 7 National Enterprise Challenge Team - Finals

"Working in teams, students must create a brand-new product that uses recycled Air Products cylinders and tanks. These cylinders and tanks have a working life of just 20 years. After this period, as a result of British regulations, these cylinders and tanks currently become redundant.

During the day, students will identify current environmental issues, before identifying a potential new use for the tanks and cylinders which could help to address one of these issues. Students will create a brand identity for their new product and will consider how they will market and sell their new product before pitching their ideas to the judging panel.

The challenge will help students to develop their STEM skills as well as promoting key skills such as problem solving, teamwork and communication.

Air Products said, “Air Products is proud to be sponsoring The National Enterprise Challenge for a second year. Inspiring the next generation is very important to Air Products, and by students taking part in the programme, which focuses on innovation and sustainability, it helps to increase their employability skills and supports schools to reach their Gatsby Benchmark targets”. 

Supported by Natwest’s Dream Bigger Programme, students will be challenged to create their own social enterprise to address a common issue affecting their daily life, their school, their family or their local community.

Working in teams, students will consider what it means to be entrepreneurial before considering what steps they could take to address to address the issues they have identified. Students will create their own social enterprise solution.   They will consider how it would operate; market and promote their products and services to their target audience; then pitch their business proposal to the judging panel.

The challenge will help students to develop their business and entrepreneurial skills as well as promoting key skills such as creativity, teamwork and communication." 

This was the challenege set to our year 7s who were split into small groups for the task. One group was successfully chosen to compete in the final. Watch the finals take place using the video link below. 

Mrs E Sharpe, Careers Advisor at Wymondham High Academy said "We are extremely proud of the team's success and very pleased that their dedication and determination has resulted in this outstanding achievement. A particular congratulations to one of our year 7 students - Shannyn, for winning the most enterprising boy in the KS3 category."

Year 7 Enterprise Challenge Team - Finals